Go there!

The Message Forum, hosted by ezboard, is a place to keep up to date on parties and get togethers, and just communicate to the whole of the delegation in general.

So what do I need to know?

EzBoard is GREAT! - It is a free place to post and read messages, and if everyone in the delegation knows about it, an easy way to keep in touch. The Announcements board has Parties and other important information on get togethers that are coming soon. The General Discussion board is for, well, general discussion, and anyone that wishes to can post there - but it helps to have a registered account.

How to Register an Account: Please register as your AIM screen name if at all possible!

Go to: http://www.ezboard.com/registration/userregistration_global.html

It will ask you for some information, and then you should be able to register an account. For consistency's sake, I used my Screen name for a user name - that way everyone doesn't have to remember another name to associate with me.

Problems? - Write me an email at raptorseye@yahoo.com, and I'll do what I can to help!