This is the Ambassador's Page. It's a place for anyone from our trip to put something up on the website. I'm looking for stories, quotes, top ten lists, anything that you can think of to make this page better for the rest of us! SO! Email: !

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I'll volunteer the first entry, just because no one else has sent anything. I wrote this on the way out to Moreton Island, in reference to the boat ride to end all boat rides on our way out to Lady Musgrave Isle:

The trip out to Musgrave Isle,
Certainly it took a while,
And the topic of our breakfast couldn't help but "come up again."

In attempt to lighten the mood,
Between our mouthfuls of ABC food,
A group of us decided that we would have a little fun.

A list we thought we ought to make,
Regardless of the time it'd take,
Of all the words and phrases one could use in place "vommiting."

Hurling, puking, losing lunch,
Booting, barfing, blowing chunks,
Continued on in such a way did we until the words ran out.

Dodging projectile vommiting,
Tossed cookies and folks upchucking,
Having seconds of our own and feeling like we might be sick.

Ralphing, having a wet burp,
Feeding the young, having to urp,
And finally 'reverse peristalisis' was thrown, by me, into the mix.

The list it had grown quite long,
This afternoon, I set it to song,
Something that we will long remember, after this Australia trip.

-Poetry by Joseph C. Pietruch